Leadership Masterclass

7 Week Transformative small group masterclass!

Join Gio in this 7 week intensive group Masterclass that will breakdown what it means to be a leader & help you to unlock the leader within.

Learn Gio’s innovative & sensationally simple model for leadership. Develop your ability to influence with practical leadership skills and wisdom. Boost your performance with sustainable strategies. Develop & strengthen your mindset.

Is this for you?

  • Great for a range of people including small business owners & people looking for more in life!
  • Specially designed units of curriculum that aim to give you inner greatness!
  • Taught in small groups of around 8 with hourly classes taught weekly over 7 weeks


This workshop will help you …

Gio has owned and operated businesses for over 15 years, he has mentored and coached people & knows his stuff! In this 7 week Masterclass you are going to develop the skills you need to take your team to the next level!

  • Gain Confidence

    Increase your inner strength and confidence to take any challenge that stands in the way to reaching your peak potential

  • Better & Faster Decision Making Skills

    Develop laser focus when it comes to making better and faster decisions to reach your goals quicker and faster than ever before

  • Empower yourself today!

    Empower your inner beast and empower yourself to take unconditional action in spite of your fears, doubts barriers and obstacles.


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